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Our Story



Michael and Carmen both grew up in Louisiana, met and married in Mississippi, but once they moved to Texas it all changed.  Michael has been in full-time ministry since he was 18 years old, and since that time has been involved in Pastoral ministry in roles from worship pastor to student pastor.  Carmen is a loving mother, worship leader, and nurse.  

In a season of prayer and fasting in 2018, Michael and Carmen decided that Jesus was leading them to Spring to

plant a church for the lost and the broken.  It is their passion to see people connect to Jesus relationally, get past their past, and find God's unique purpose and design He has given them.  It is in that purpose and design where people find Vibrant life in Christ.  This is living!

The heart of Pastor Michael's message is that no matter what your background, your past, or your thoughts, there is spiritual LIFE available to you. His messages inspire us to dream again and apply the Word in a relevant way daily!

Michael and Carmen enjoy traveling, beach time, and attending sporting events with their sons Ethan, Myles, and Nolan. 

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